Best Juicers for Green Juice

Following on from my post What Are The Benefits of Green Juice, let’s talk juicers: which is the best juicer for Green Juice?

With juicing such a huge trend right now, we have seen an influx of juicing products in the market. It is mind boggling and of course, not all products are made equal.

In my opinion how you decide comes down to one main thing: a thick with pulp green juice smoothie or refined pulp free.  Today I am looking at only 2 products which both produce excellent results for pulp-free juice and with-pulp smoothie. Both accommodate all items for green juicing from celery, cucumber, kale, to other leafy items like parsley and spinach.

Both styles of juice provide you with health benefits although the thicker smoothie version provides you with the added benefit of fiber, which is of course the way nature intended it: eat the whole fruit with minimal waste. But, for a lot of people this is just not palatable. So you really need to buy an appliance that is going to encourage you to make green juicing  a habit, not  put you off it.

The Best Pulp Free Juicer for Green Juice best-pulp-free-juicer-for-green-juice

Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutirion Center

This product is the green juicing bomb

Amazon: $379

Rating: 4.6 stars

In a nutshell, this truly is a top juice extractor that has been developed to consider all aspects of extracting juice for maximum health benefits and all with a whisper quiet performance. It is also extremely versatile. With a Nutrition Center you can also make all-natural nut butters, baby food, soy milk, almond milk and a variety of healthy snacks.

Here are the highlights:

  • Longer Lasting juices: Using a low speed of 80 RPMs results in minimal heat buildup and oxidation promoting healthy enzymes
  • Maximum Juice Extraction: Extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste and juice from minimum amounts of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheat grass
  • Versatile: Extrude pasta, grind coffee and spices, turn nuts into nut butter, make baby food and frozen desserts, mince herbs and garlic, and whip up soy milk in a flash
  • Powerful: Quiet but powerful motor with gear reduction equivalent of 2 HP motor
  • Easy To Use: The size of the feed chute is larger compared to some Omega models, so you can spend less time prepping before juicing
  • 15 Year Warranty

What are people saying about the Omega NC900 on Amazon?

Cheryl Rose “I have been on a mission to find the best juicer for my green juice habit. It had to be easy clean-up. This is it. Look no further just buy it”.

Liane “Love love love it and definitely recommend it, especially if you like juicing for the greens such as kale, parsley, cilantro, celery or anything else fibrous”.

What can I do with the pulp?

As awesome as the Omega is, if you are juicing every day, this amounts to a considerable amount of pulp. The good news is, yes, you can use pulp after juicing.

In the first instance, you can of course, “reuse” particularly if you are creative in the kitchen and have some extra time on your hands. Some ‘reuse” ideas are

Use in Veggie Burgers or Fritters. Add a hearty helping of pulp to your next homemade patty or fritter.

Add It To Granola, Bars, or Energy Balls

Mix It Into Baked Goods.

Make a Veggie Broth.

Make Dog Treats.

If this is not up your alley, and frankly, it isn’t usually up mine because I am time poor, you can compost. And this is not just for pulp but for all food scraps. Composting is worthy of a whole new post but to get some ideas, watch this space…

Best Blender for Green Juice Smoothie

Certainly cheaper than the Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center, I recommend the Ninja BL480 Blender as an option for a true green juice smoothie: the thicker version with is a drink made from everything resulting very little wastage.

Ninja BL480 Blender, 32/24/18 oz, Black/Silver

Amazon: $79.99

Rating: 4.6 stars

Similar to the Omega, this is a versatile appliance which can pretty much chop up anything into a liquid form. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it is super easy to clean.

The biggest downside: The noise. This product is LOUD. If you are planning on juicing at 5am in an apartment where the rest of your family is sleeping, this probably isn’t the option for you.

Here are the Highlights

  • Auto IQ technology optimizes ninja: Pro extractor blades and power to deliver powerful nutrient and vitamin extraction
  • Powerful nutrient and vitamin extraction provides great tasting, nutritious beverages
  • 1000 watt motor has the power to crush through whole fruits, vegetables and ice in seconds
  • Nutri ninja pro extractor blades rotate at high speed to liquefy ingredients into smooth nutrient juices, smoothies and purees
  • Includes: (1) small 18 ounce Nutri ninja cup, (1) regular 24 ounce Nutri ninja cup, (2) sip & seal lids, (1) pro extractor blades, instruction book, getting started guide with product tips and recipes

What are people saying about the Ninja Blender on Amazon?

Febe Leiva “I love this Neutra bullet because I am able to make kale smoothies and spinach smoothies that come out tasting like I’m buying it at a professional juice shop”.

Deborah Carney “This is a great machine for my juicing in the morning. It blends all my vegetables and fruits for a quick on-the-go morning. It’s easy clean up and lots of power. I can’t wait to use it for other healthy recipes”.


Which juicer to use really comes down to your personal preference and budget. And you can spend an age checking out items online or in store. I hope that narrowing the dialogue down to just 2 helps. Please feel free to leave comments or feedback in the comments below.

Sass x


The Power Of Positive

Negative Thought: I thought about you so much you came true.

Who can relate to this?

I know I certainly can: Waking up on the wrong side of my bed, then stubbing my toe, a ladder in my stocking, chaotic traffic, late for work, laptop taking an age to logon…and on it goes; It is like the whole world is against me…which just infuriates me even more!

The negative disposition, a subconscious irritation that started with that one negative thought that shaped the rest of my day.

And what about those thoughts that ran through your head about a promotion or the lead part in a play or lining up to kick that winning goal? No I won’t get it. I’m not gonna get it. I’m not good enough to get it. I am not as good as Joe. Maybe I don’t deserve to get it. I am going to lose. I can’t do this. This is impossible

Imagine all that negative chatter inside your head, telling every fiber in your brain and body to not succeed, to not get it, not to win.

And guess what? You didn’t get the promotion, you didn’t get a part in the play and you missed the goal. And you felt absolutely woeful because of it. You didn’t celebrate that your negative thought came true, you felt even worse.  All that negative chatter manifested into reality. Awful, huh?

   Power of the Positive Mind

The opposite of course is true of the positive thought. Yes absolutely! And the good news is we all know this to be absolutely true…

positive-thoughts-onlyWe all know that doctors frequently tell patients to approach their treatment with a positive attitude.

Children in school are taught to approach their learning with positive thoughts.

Elite Athletes are focused on the win.

Military persons are trained to overcome the enemy.

But the problem is this: we live in a world where there is a lot of negative thought, negative news, negative catastrophes. In fact, it almost feels like there is not a lot of positive information. Except of course Brad Pitt wining a Golden Globe, BAFTA & Oscars and each time having us in stitches with his acceptance speeches. Not to mention Rebel Wilson, who saw that speech at the BAFTAs? She is one funny lady!

But back to the point here, there is an enormous overload of negative information.

Who didn’t think negatively about travel and interaction with Chinese nationals in the fear of contracting the Coronavirus? Who didn’t feel utter despair with the recent bush fires ravaging Australia and killing around a billion animals, insects and birds. Who couldn’t help but feel deflated by the dire warning about climate change, broadcast around the world by a young girl.

And what makes it worse is this: Negative thoughts are easy to have and grow even easier. The opposite is true for Positive Thoughts which need discipline, a conscious decision and constant tending, a bit like a plant.

Because of this world we live in, we constantly need to make a choice – positive or negative. And remind ourselves…or stop ourselves.

Need Some Help? I know I do and thankfully it easy to find. Everywhere.

Power of our mind is undeniable and has been around for centuries in Eastern Cultures. It is a key factor in those communities that have the highest rates of life longevity.

Daily Affirmations For Positive Thinking

Daily affirmations for positive thinking are very powerful and a great place to start.

But even this can be hard for someone who is in the habit of being negative and it can be very easy to be in the position of actually not even being aware we are being negative. Like, criticizing someone, being fed-up in traffic, even being sarcastic; these are all negative habits and negative chatter you subconsciously carry around with you.

Take time to remind yourself about how great you are and focus on positive events.

For example, every morning and evening tell yourself how good, strong and amazing you.

Keep a journal and each morning write in there 2 things for which you are grateful and 2 things which are positive to look forward to, or at the end of the day, that happened.

Steps For Positive Thinking

Seek help first. Like listening to audio tapes or podcast.

Recently, I came across Wesley ‘Billion Dollar” Virgin. Ok he is pretty full-on. But the course he sells, Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks, which you can get here, for less than $30, is actually really very helpful for positive thinking.

**Don’t be fooled by the name – this is not going to get you a million bucks overnight. What it does do is help you find the right, positive, mindset that might just make help you have abundance – of love, happiness and yes money, in your life.

He focuses on visualization. And Manifestation of positive thoughts. Like bringing what you want out of life into your present day. And really believing that is where you are now. To focus obsessively on the positive things you want.

I bought the hacks and have found them to be excellent.

His mantra is powerful. It is effective. And it is very easy to implement into your daily life.

Acts of Kindness. Pay It Forward

Ever experienced a nice, unexpected gesture from someone? And didn’t it make you smile and feel good.

Well, the same is true for when you perform this kind act.

For example, the other day I was at my local café grabbing my morning coffee when I was informed that my coffee was free; the person before me had paid it forward. I was so surprised and delighted that I too wanted to be part of this amazing catalyst for positive thought and paid it forward for the next customer. And those 2 events, the recipient of a kind act, and then performing a kind act shaped my day. A happy disposition. A smile on my lips. A terrific day.

The Power of the Positive Mind is real.

Because remember,

Negative Thought: I thought about you so much you came true.

Positive Thought: I thought about you so much you came true.

Your Thoughts. Your Choice.

Sass x

PS let me know what you think, or what works for you and drop me a comment below

PPS want to start your day with more energy to really get kickstart those positive thoughts? Read my article here about an easy green juice to incorporate into your daily routine

What Are The Benefits of Green Juice

I am a mum, step-mum, business owner, fur baby mama, school parent rep, after-school sport side-line enthusiast, spontaneous mess eradicator, weekend children taxi service, inventive meal preparing 40-something old women. Sound familiar? If you are anything like me it can be, yes, exhilarating, wonderful and stimulating but also, frankly, exhausting! And I mean extreme exhaustion!

A couple of years ago, in throes of my normal manic life I felt utterly exhausted and was told by my doctor I was also now on the path of perimenopause. Oh. Dear. God.

At that moment I decided there had to be something I needed to incorporate into my daily life to help me cope, give me extra energy and not have me falling asleep at 7pm listening to my little ones read.

Enter Green Goddess.


Ok, not really, this is just what I have named my daily green juice. A savior and now necessary part of my daily routine.

So what are the benefits of green juice?

Green juice essentially drenches benefits-of-green-juiceyour body in plant nutrients that are known to be beneficial for your health and weight loss and include strengthening the immune system, cleansing the body of toxins and enhancing your body’s ability to carry oxygen. What does that mean really? You will look and feel great!

If you break it down, a key ingredient is celery. Raw celery juice benefits alone are well documented: lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, helps us digest things easier and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

what-are-benefits-of-green-juiceAnother key ingredient might be kale. The benefits of kale are also well documented from being a potent source of vitamin so, to being packed with Powerful Antioxidants Like Quercetin and Kaempferol. What do these do? Help eradicate free radicals and fight or slowdown the aging process as well a having anti-cancer, anti-viral effects.

Best Time To Drink Green Juice?

First thing in the morning after you wake up!

Why? because this is when it will have the best impact upon your insides and therefore your digestion, bloating, weight loss etc.

This isn’t so easy when you are in the habit of having a coffee or tea and it isn’t easy to break that cycle. And sometimes, yes I do break the juice discipline because sometimes when I wake up I am dying for nothing but a fresh pot of coffee.

But if you can manage to give this a go, and remember, if you stick to it for 21 days then it is more likely to become a habit, then you absolutely will feel and see the benefits. And when you do slip up you will find yourself craving to get back to it.

Yes it really does work! I have been doing this now for 2 years and it absolutely has had a positive impact on my health, ability to function and concentrate better and to combat the complete list of perimenopausal symptoms.

Best Juicers For Green Juice

best-juicer-for-green-juiceFirst Up you will need a Magic Bullet or Ninja, to blitz everything. Some people use a Juice Extractor for a smoother, “bit” free drink. However, for true health benefits I definitely recommend a Ninja or Magic Bullet because all of those little “bits” aka fiber, are incredibly good for you.

Best Green Juice Recipe

I am believer in simplicity and sustainability in all aspects of life. So this definitely goes for a juice that you can simply add into your morning routine and make a habit. In other words, don’t over complicate it.
You really only need a few ingredients to get all the benefits mentioned above.


This recipe of mine is extremely refreshing and is one I can easily make every morning and typically produces 2 medium glasses – see pic below –

  • Say 2 inches of a cucumber, cut into chunks
  • 2 celery sticks, approx 3-4 inches long
  • 1/4 lime or lemon, to squeeze
  • A few sprigs of parsley,
  • 100ml of organic coconut water
  • a small handful of ice
  • 1 teaspoon of organic vitamin powder (optional – see below)

Blitz all of this in your juicer for about 20 seconds – longer if like a very smooth consistency – and then enjoy!


**If you can’t get organic you can soak the veggies in 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar for about 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Best Beauty Supplement / Best Energy Supplement for Women

This is optional but from my personal experience, adding this to your morning juice ritual has many added benefits including combating fatigue, suppressing menopausal symptoms like anger or headaches and bring added vitality and luster to the skin along with other longer term benefits such as healthier hair, nails, digestive system, immune support and bone & joint health.

There are quite a few powder supplements on the market and I can only vouch for 2 which I have used.

My favorite, is Welleco Super Elixir, Original welleco-beauty-supplement-powderwhich has a sort of pineapple taste, not too offensive. They also have a lemon ginger flavour if you are not keen on the pineapple. It might seem expensive at $80 a refill bag but this goes a long way and lasts considerable time (2-3 months). And if you are want something really chic to sit on your counter top, rather than storing away in the cupboard, check out here, the Glass Caddy It is beautiful, reusable packaging in addition to an amazing product

The other is the Beauty Chef. This is endorsed by the lovely Naomi Watts who stocks this product in her stores Onda Beauty. There are quite a few in the Beauty Chef range, and the one I have tried is the Glow Inner Beauty which noticeably contributes to better skin and fighting fatigue.

What I have also found with adding either of these, but in my case, particularly Welleco Super Elixir, is it aids with how to get rid of a bloating stomach and combating many other symptoms of perimenopause. Which for me in my early forties has become a real issue on a daily basis.

Will You Start Green Juicing?

So, if you are an over 40 women or a mum, step-mum, single mum, working mum, or just a multi-tasking woman needing some extra support at a cellular level, then do this.  It is so easy, inexpensive and has almost immediate positive benefits.  If you love my recipe or have other ideas, I’d love to know.  Please drop me a line in the comments below.

Sass x

Keto Meal Plans For Women


**Spoiler Alert:  This delectable Diet Plan works for Men AND Women to lose weight, in fact the whole family is going to love it!

This might just be the best diet for over 40, pre-menopausal and menopausal women.  Now that’s a sentence I didn’t think I would be writing ! Let alone googling and generally obsessing over… but here I am, sometimes on the fast train, sometimes on the slow boat, but nevertheless on the path to Menopause and what is most annoying about this journey is the change in my body, slowdown of my metabolism and general intolerance to a lot of foods that I could before eat by the bucket load.



Well, what IT IS NOT is another unrealistic, unsustainable fad diet plan you are going to hate, nor is it a series of horrible shakes and liquids (I personally find these loathesome) and most importantly, this meal plan is not going to leave you with ‘hangry’ headaches.  As we women know, an ‘hangry’ headache is our (and our loved one’s) enemy number one!

So what IS it? 

In a nutshell: lip-smacking delicious meal plans, that you, and whoever eats the meals you prepare is going to ADORE and while meeting your diet goals.

It is an 8 week customised meal plan based on your goals with foods you like and which you and your family will love to eat.

It is easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions so you don’t need to be a chef to prepare it let alone read the recipes.

It is legit; certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs united to develop keto meal plans that are effective, convenient, cost-efficient, and enjoyable.

It has a nutrition plan with food variety to ensure you’ll get a wide range of nutrients and boost the likelihood you’ll stick to your diet.

It comes with a downloadable shopping list each week that details every needed ingredient you’ll need the upcoming seven days.

The combination of ingredients have a host of health benefits from luminious skin, to combating fatigue, to yes, dealing with those menopausal intolerances.

And lastly,  if you aren’t happy, It comes back with a money back guarantee.

7 Day Keto Meal Plan – what does it look like?

As described above, the Keto Plan really is a Done For You meal program. yourself following their recommendations

There are the best low carb fruit whilst on the “ketosis”   >>  Can’t wait a second more?  Sign Up Here


Then there are the Keto Carbs, with a 80% / 20% recommendation to follow, and so the list goes on… Keto Condaments, Keto Drinks and of course…

A myriad of Keto sweet treats!  keto-sweet-treats

The recipes are inspired and versatile for any occasion.

Keto-Bacon-kimchi-deviled-eggs   Like these Keto Bacon and Kimchi Deviled Eggs

Or this Keto Chicken Florentine

What more can I say, other than jump on board and try it for yourself.

CLICK HERE OR ON THIS PIC BELOW to get yourCustom Keto Plan.

And if you really don’t love it, don’t forget the money back gurantee.

Happy Cooking!

Sass x

How To Quit My 9 to 5

How to Quit my 9 to 5

Last Friday night, scrolling through Instagram whilst waiting at the school pickup, I hit on Elle Macpherson’s story, as one does, which bounced me to a very inspiring wellbeing account, which then led me to affiliate marketing.  I might be the tortoise here joining this niche, but as I have delved in further, it might just be the answer with how to quit my 9 to 5!

Where to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Enter a search in google and wow!  Yes, it is overwhelming.  There are dozens of platforms and gurus puporting to have the goods to get you earning a million dollrs, like, yesterday.

Do watch highly successful marketers on Youtube.  Not just one but a handful.

Do watch or read reviews from ordinary people like you and me.

Do be realistic about what you can and are actually willing to do as compared with the millionaire success stories.

Do be aware of quick get rich and ponzi schemes.  As far as I can see there are a lot and if you don’t have $1,000 to outlay, then don’t borrow it for something that in all likelihood is not going to make you a quick million.

Do consider your tecnical knowledge and what support you will need to actually move forward.

Easy Affiliate Marketing Sites

Maybe not so much the marketing sites but systems/platforms to get you marketing.

There. Are. A Lot.  These are the ones I liked…

Number 1:  Wealthy Affiliate  this is the where I have offically begun my journey and so far am thrilled with my decision.  The training is super easy, the process is efficient and the community is positive and supportive.  I highly recommend immediately becoming a Premium Member at the discounted rate of just $19 for the first month as this unlocks a lot more tools you will need to seriously start your business.

Number 2.  Not so much a site to get started at, more of a mindset…There is so much hype about this guy, Wesley Virgin and to be honest I actually did purchase his Overnight Millionaire System.  To be frank, this is not a training program about becoming an overnight millionaire, this is more of  creating a positive mindset.  It is super reasoanbly priced with a discount immediately available and I highly recommend it if you are looking for some help repositioning your mindset to focused, positive thinking.

Number 3.  John Crestani, I just love his Youtube videos. It’s a sizeable investment at just shy of $2,000 .  I don’t know if his training system works as I didnt purchase it, but his Youtube videos are super informative and easy to follow and who doesn’t love an ironic beard!  Seriously though, he presents as relevant and savvy and would definitely resonate with a lot of people in his age demographic.  I’m betting it comes with excellent support and results if you are willing to put in the 4 hours a week he recommends.

Number 4:  back to Wesley Virgin, and click here to access his Done For You Services System.  Also a likeable guy, he is a mix of military drill sergeant and endearing goodluk/hardwork story.  He and his partner, Ariella Iorio have a program for $997.  It promises to do 95% for you.  Maybe this is the way to go to get on the wagon of making money faster, but I am not sure it is flexible to allow your own content.  Which is why I chose Wealthy Affiliate which for me seems a better fit longer term.

There are a bunch of others.  And I mean a bunch!

I really think for anyone who is a newbie like me, take a look around.  But if you are wanting low cost, easy to understand, excellent support and geniunely positive and caring community, look no further than Wealthy Affiliate

Lastly….Stop Overthinking and Take Action

Isn’t it so easy to overthink something?  My technical business background combined with an oversensitised radar for “too good to be true” almost stopped me from taking action.  This is the year of the Rat, and if ever there was a sign from the universe to just do it, that is it!  Stop Overthinking and Take Action!


It might not happen this week, but I am super inspired by how I can quit my 9 to 5.  Like everything in life there are no rewards without time put in, but with a disclipined commitment, using a platform that resonates with you and an easy affiliate marketing site with positive community that has your back, affiliate marketing might be your answer to quit your 9 to 5 too!

I’d love to know your experience or thoughts, please leave me a note in the comments below or you can email me at

Sass x

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To give you a little background, Money.Love.Live is run by me, Sass.  I am a a slightly over 40 year old wife, mum and step-mum passionate about wellbeing, positive thinking and living my best life.

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Whilst this site is aimed to be of benefit to women in my age demographic, the big 40 and over, a lot of this content is also useful for women and men of all ages and can be applied at home to benefit the whole family.

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This world can sometimes be a confusing, fast paced and anxiety driven place.  I truly believe, and from my own experience applying simple daily practices that have been around for centuries in eastern cultures, we can all find find balance and live a wonderful, purposeful life.

I really look forward to interacting with you and helping you too live your best life.

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