The Power Of Positive

Negative Thought: I thought about you so much you came true.

Who can relate to this?

I know I certainly can: Waking up on the wrong side of my bed, then stubbing my toe, a ladder in my stocking, chaotic traffic, late for work, laptop taking an age to logon…and on it goes; It is like the whole world is against me…which just infuriates me even more!

The negative disposition, a subconscious irritation that started with that one negative thought that shaped the rest of my day.

And what about those thoughts that ran through your head about a promotion or the lead part in a play or lining up to kick that winning goal? No I won’t get it. I’m not gonna get it. I’m not good enough to get it. I am not as good as Joe. Maybe I don’t deserve to get it. I am going to lose. I can’t do this. This is impossible

Imagine all that negative chatter inside your head, telling every fiber in your brain and body to not succeed, to not get it, not to win.

And guess what? You didn’t get the promotion, you didn’t get a part in the play and you missed the goal. And you felt absolutely woeful because of it. You didn’t celebrate that your negative thought came true, you felt even worse.  All that negative chatter manifested into reality. Awful, huh?

   Power of the Positive Mind

The opposite of course is true of the positive thought. Yes absolutely! And the good news is we all know this to be absolutely true…

positive-thoughts-onlyWe all know that doctors frequently tell patients to approach their treatment with a positive attitude.

Children in school are taught to approach their learning with positive thoughts.

Elite Athletes are focused on the win.

Military persons are trained to overcome the enemy.

But the problem is this: we live in a world where there is a lot of negative thought, negative news, negative catastrophes. In fact, it almost feels like there is not a lot of positive information. Except of course Brad Pitt wining a Golden Globe, BAFTA & Oscars and each time having us in stitches with his acceptance speeches. Not to mention Rebel Wilson, who saw that speech at the BAFTAs? She is one funny lady!

But back to the point here, there is an enormous overload of negative information.

Who didn’t think negatively about travel and interaction with Chinese nationals in the fear of contracting the Coronavirus? Who didn’t feel utter despair with the recent bush fires ravaging Australia and killing around a billion animals, insects and birds. Who couldn’t help but feel deflated by the dire warning about climate change, broadcast around the world by a young girl.

And what makes it worse is this: Negative thoughts are easy to have and grow even easier. The opposite is true for Positive Thoughts which need discipline, a conscious decision and constant tending, a bit like a plant.

Because of this world we live in, we constantly need to make a choice – positive or negative. And remind ourselves…or stop ourselves.

Need Some Help? I know I do and thankfully it easy to find. Everywhere.

Power of our mind is undeniable and has been around for centuries in Eastern Cultures. It is a key factor in those communities that have the highest rates of life longevity.

Daily Affirmations For Positive Thinking

Daily affirmations for positive thinking are very powerful and a great place to start.

But even this can be hard for someone who is in the habit of being negative and it can be very easy to be in the position of actually not even being aware we are being negative. Like, criticizing someone, being fed-up in traffic, even being sarcastic; these are all negative habits and negative chatter you subconsciously carry around with you.

Take time to remind yourself about how great you are and focus on positive events.

For example, every morning and evening tell yourself how good, strong and amazing you.

Keep a journal and each morning write in there 2 things for which you are grateful and 2 things which are positive to look forward to, or at the end of the day, that happened.

Steps For Positive Thinking

Seek help first. Like listening to audio tapes or podcast.

Recently, I came across Wesley ‘Billion Dollar” Virgin. Ok he is pretty full-on. But the course he sells, Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks, which you can get here, for less than $30, is actually really very helpful for positive thinking.

**Don’t be fooled by the name – this is not going to get you a million bucks overnight. What it does do is help you find the right, positive, mindset that might just make help you have abundance – of love, happiness and yes money, in your life.

He focuses on visualization. And Manifestation of positive thoughts. Like bringing what you want out of life into your present day. And really believing that is where you are now. To focus obsessively on the positive things you want.

I bought the hacks and have found them to be excellent.

His mantra is powerful. It is effective. And it is very easy to implement into your daily life.

Acts of Kindness. Pay It Forward

Ever experienced a nice, unexpected gesture from someone? And didn’t it make you smile and feel good.

Well, the same is true for when you perform this kind act.

For example, the other day I was at my local café grabbing my morning coffee when I was informed that my coffee was free; the person before me had paid it forward. I was so surprised and delighted that I too wanted to be part of this amazing catalyst for positive thought and paid it forward for the next customer. And those 2 events, the recipient of a kind act, and then performing a kind act shaped my day. A happy disposition. A smile on my lips. A terrific day.

The Power of the Positive Mind is real.

Because remember,

Negative Thought: I thought about you so much you came true.

Positive Thought: I thought about you so much you came true.

Your Thoughts. Your Choice.

Sass x

PS let me know what you think, or what works for you and drop me a comment below

PPS want to start your day with more energy to really get kickstart those positive thoughts? Read my article here about an easy green juice to incorporate into your daily routine