What Are The Benefits of Green Juice

I am a mum, step-mum, business owner, fur baby mama, school parent rep, after-school sport side-line enthusiast, spontaneous mess eradicator, weekend children taxi service, inventive meal preparing 40-something old women. Sound familiar? If you are anything like me it can be, yes, exhilarating, wonderful and stimulating but also, frankly, exhausting! And I mean extreme exhaustion!

A couple of years ago, in throes of my normal manic life I felt utterly exhausted and was told by my doctor I was also now on the path of perimenopause. Oh. Dear. God.

At that moment I decided there had to be something I needed to incorporate into my daily life to help me cope, give me extra energy and not have me falling asleep at 7pm listening to my little ones read.

Enter Green Goddess.


Ok, not really, this is just what I have named my daily green juice. A savior and now necessary part of my daily routine.

So what are the benefits of green juice?

Green juice essentially drenches benefits-of-green-juiceyour body in plant nutrients that are known to be beneficial for your health and weight loss and include strengthening the immune system, cleansing the body of toxins and enhancing your body’s ability to carry oxygen. What does that mean really? You will look and feel great!

If you break it down, a key ingredient is celery. Raw celery juice benefits alone are well documented: lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, helps us digest things easier and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

what-are-benefits-of-green-juiceAnother key ingredient might be kale. The benefits of kale are also well documented from being a potent source of vitamin so, to being packed with Powerful Antioxidants Like Quercetin and Kaempferol. What do these do? Help eradicate free radicals and fight or slowdown the aging process as well a having anti-cancer, anti-viral effects.

Best Time To Drink Green Juice?

First thing in the morning after you wake up!

Why? because this is when it will have the best impact upon your insides and therefore your digestion, bloating, weight loss etc.

This isn’t so easy when you are in the habit of having a coffee or tea and it isn’t easy to break that cycle. And sometimes, yes I do break the juice discipline because sometimes when I wake up I am dying for nothing but a fresh pot of coffee.

But if you can manage to give this a go, and remember, if you stick to it for 21 days then it is more likely to become a habit, then you absolutely will feel and see the benefits. And when you do slip up you will find yourself craving to get back to it.

Yes it really does work! I have been doing this now for 2 years and it absolutely has had a positive impact on my health, ability to function and concentrate better and to combat the complete list of perimenopausal symptoms.

Best Juicers For Green Juice

best-juicer-for-green-juiceFirst Up you will need a Magic Bullet or Ninja, to blitz everything. Some people use a Juice Extractor for a smoother, “bit” free drink. However, for true health benefits I definitely recommend a Ninja or Magic Bullet because all of those little “bits” aka fiber, are incredibly good for you.

Best Green Juice Recipe

I am believer in simplicity and sustainability in all aspects of life. So this definitely goes for a juice that you can simply add into your morning routine and make a habit. In other words, don’t over complicate it.
You really only need a few ingredients to get all the benefits mentioned above.


This recipe of mine is extremely refreshing and is one I can easily make every morning and typically produces 2 medium glasses – see pic below –

  • Say 2 inches of a cucumber, cut into chunks
  • 2 celery sticks, approx 3-4 inches long
  • 1/4 lime or lemon, to squeeze
  • A few sprigs of parsley,
  • 100ml of organic coconut water
  • a small handful of ice
  • 1 teaspoon of organic vitamin powder (optional – see below)

Blitz all of this in your juicer for about 20 seconds – longer if like a very smooth consistency – and then enjoy!


**If you can’t get organic you can soak the veggies in 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar for about 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Best Beauty Supplement / Best Energy Supplement for Women

This is optional but from my personal experience, adding this to your morning juice ritual has many added benefits including combating fatigue, suppressing menopausal symptoms like anger or headaches and bring added vitality and luster to the skin along with other longer term benefits such as healthier hair, nails, digestive system, immune support and bone & joint health.

There are quite a few powder supplements on the market and I can only vouch for 2 which I have used.

My favorite, is Welleco Super Elixir, Original welleco-beauty-supplement-powderwhich has a sort of pineapple taste, not too offensive. They also have a lemon ginger flavour if you are not keen on the pineapple. It might seem expensive at $80 a refill bag but this goes a long way and lasts considerable time (2-3 months). And if you are want something really chic to sit on your counter top, rather than storing away in the cupboard, check out here, the Glass Caddy It is beautiful, reusable packaging in addition to an amazing product

The other is the Beauty Chef. This is endorsed by the lovely Naomi Watts who stocks this product in her stores Onda Beauty. There are quite a few in the Beauty Chef range, and the one I have tried is the Glow Inner Beauty which noticeably contributes to better skin and fighting fatigue.

What I have also found with adding either of these, but in my case, particularly Welleco Super Elixir, is it aids with how to get rid of a bloating stomach and combating many other symptoms of perimenopause. Which for me in my early forties has become a real issue on a daily basis.

Will You Start Green Juicing?

So, if you are an over 40 women or a mum, step-mum, single mum, working mum, or just a multi-tasking woman needing some extra support at a cellular level, then do this.  It is so easy, inexpensive and has almost immediate positive benefits.  If you love my recipe or have other ideas, I’d love to know.  Please drop me a line in the comments below.

Sass x