How To Quit My 9 to 5

How to Quit my 9 to 5

Last Friday night, scrolling through Instagram whilst waiting at the school pickup, I hit on Elle Macpherson’s story, as one does, which bounced me to a very inspiring wellbeing account, which then led me to affiliate marketing.  I might be the tortoise here joining this niche, but as I have delved in further, it might just be the answer with how to quit my 9 to 5!

Where to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Enter a search in google and wow!  Yes, it is overwhelming.  There are dozens of platforms and gurus puporting to have the goods to get you earning a million dollrs, like, yesterday.

Do watch highly successful marketers on Youtube.  Not just one but a handful.

Do watch or read reviews from ordinary people like you and me.

Do be realistic about what you can and are actually willing to do as compared with the millionaire success stories.

Do be aware of quick get rich and ponzi schemes.  As far as I can see there are a lot and if you don’t have $1,000 to outlay, then don’t borrow it for something that in all likelihood is not going to make you a quick million.

Do consider your tecnical knowledge and what support you will need to actually move forward.

Easy Affiliate Marketing Sites

Maybe not so much the marketing sites but systems/platforms to get you marketing.

There. Are. A Lot.  These are the ones I liked…

Number 1:  Wealthy Affiliate  this is the where I have offically begun my journey and so far am thrilled with my decision.  The training is super easy, the process is efficient and the community is positive and supportive.  I highly recommend immediately becoming a Premium Member at the discounted rate of just $19 for the first month as this unlocks a lot more tools you will need to seriously start your business.

Number 2.  Not so much a site to get started at, more of a mindset…There is so much hype about this guy, Wesley Virgin and to be honest I actually did purchase his Overnight Millionaire System.  To be frank, this is not a training program about becoming an overnight millionaire, this is more of  creating a positive mindset.  It is super reasoanbly priced with a discount immediately available and I highly recommend it if you are looking for some help repositioning your mindset to focused, positive thinking.

Number 3.  John Crestani, I just love his Youtube videos. It’s a sizeable investment at just shy of $2,000 .  I don’t know if his training system works as I didnt purchase it, but his Youtube videos are super informative and easy to follow and who doesn’t love an ironic beard!  Seriously though, he presents as relevant and savvy and would definitely resonate with a lot of people in his age demographic.  I’m betting it comes with excellent support and results if you are willing to put in the 4 hours a week he recommends.

Number 4:  back to Wesley Virgin, and click here to access his Done For You Services System.  Also a likeable guy, he is a mix of military drill sergeant and endearing goodluk/hardwork story.  He and his partner, Ariella Iorio have a program for $997.  It promises to do 95% for you.  Maybe this is the way to go to get on the wagon of making money faster, but I am not sure it is flexible to allow your own content.  Which is why I chose Wealthy Affiliate which for me seems a better fit longer term.

There are a bunch of others.  And I mean a bunch!

I really think for anyone who is a newbie like me, take a look around.  But if you are wanting low cost, easy to understand, excellent support and geniunely positive and caring community, look no further than Wealthy Affiliate

Lastly….Stop Overthinking and Take Action

Isn’t it so easy to overthink something?  My technical business background combined with an oversensitised radar for “too good to be true” almost stopped me from taking action.  This is the year of the Rat, and if ever there was a sign from the universe to just do it, that is it!  Stop Overthinking and Take Action!


It might not happen this week, but I am super inspired by how I can quit my 9 to 5.  Like everything in life there are no rewards without time put in, but with a disclipined commitment, using a platform that resonates with you and an easy affiliate marketing site with positive community that has your back, affiliate marketing might be your answer to quit your 9 to 5 too!

I’d love to know your experience or thoughts, please leave me a note in the comments below or you can email me at

Sass x